SylArt Apr 26 2017 6:03 pm[1]=145743; Son Ye-jin (born Son Eon-jin on January 11, 1982) is a South Korean actress. He hires Sun Woo (Kim Jae Wook), a pâtissier who had a crush on Jin Hyuk in high school, an ex-boxing champion Gi Beom (Yoo Ah In), and a clueless bodyguard Soo Young (Choi Ji Ho). My Top Picks For the Top 5 Melo Romance Kdramas. Shi Jin is immediately smitten with Mo Yeon, and he asks her … You are such a good Actress.Keep going.The lies within will be amazing. LD Oct 31 2017 2:01 pm Yoo Shi Jin; the captain of the Korean army special force, meets Dr. Kang Mo Yeon when he and his comrade, Dae Yeong, injured a thief. Some relationships are fated, despite the challenges of time and place. Lee youn Oct 30 2017 9:27 am Looking for your next dramas! 16 Episodes. Yoo was then cast in the teen series Sharp after auditioning, playing the role of a model student majoring in painting. I first saw her in Fatal Intuition with Joo Won and she was really good there. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); Adapting the plot and casting the STARZ show Outlander as a Kdrama. Yoo Ah In is a South Korean actor, creative director, and gallerist. Wow, I thought she was veteran actor but then she was a 3 years being an actress. His belief that children, the elderly, and pretty women must be … 859 posts. He is known for playing a diverse spectrum of roles in both television and film, where he often portrays dynamic characters who exhibit significant personal growth. 16 Episodes. Onew. 16 Episodes. She was also good in The Treacherous. She already looked very professional on her latest drama 'Tunnel'.And also gotten herself the Blue Dragon award. Popular Days. Cho Tae-Kwan. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Feel so sorry for her loss (kim joo hyuk death) ? Yoo Shi-jin. This drama tells of the love story that develops between a surgeon and a special forces officer. //, Mail (required but will not be published), mz Nov 11 2020 8:29 am I hope can see her casting as a cherfull lead artist together with Yoon Hyu Min....?? Being in film is definitely better and more prestigious than in a drama but I'm glad she decided to do Tunnel. [CDATA[ Tunnel is her first drama, Kim Na Na Apr 09 2017 8:14 am W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Lieutenant General Yoon. | Privacy Policy | Contact, bumbleharbee Oct 16 2020 2:42 am Born on March 3, 1981, she began her career as a part of the idol girl group S.E.S., which was active from 1997 to 2002 and was considered the first successful K-pop girl group. Soso Nov 01 2017 1:36 pm kiki Apr 16 2020 6:33 am 16 Episodes. Updated December 11 KST: Kim Yoo Jung has also been confirmed for “Hong Chun Gi” (romanized title)!. Apr 5 2016. Yoo also appeared in various commercials including school uniforms and youth apparel. hi school love on Aug 26 2019 3:52 pm Everyday we keep seeing a lot of dramas or movies with our favorite actors out there, but then there are some pairings that we wait for but never really happen! Lee Chi-hoon. Due to the UN’s request, they are stationed in the capital of another the country Drama Korea Descendants of the […] With Hwang Jung-min, Yoo Ah-In, Hae-Jin Yoo, Dal-su Oh. Unni be strong, we love you. With Song Joong-Ki, Hye-Kyo Song, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-Won. I'm looking forward on what kind of project will she have next. Andy May 13 2018 9:37 pm [CDATA[ I hope you will confirm. Wow, thought she is older than Yoon Hyun-Min =), © loadbox(1); tunnel <3 love her so much, Healer May 14 2017 9:33 am I like her in Tunnel <3. first time ever completing a humour vid and uploading it on this channel publicly. I hope the role on SF8 gonna be a drama. On the United Nation's request, they are to be stationed together in a capital of another country. Picassoboii Aug 31 2018 10:33 am I actually really did thought she is a veteran actor, but I was wrong. Wow.. Similarities Between Historical Figures Part 1: King SukJong & Henry VIII, At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [July 2020], If Outlander Was Adapted into a Korean Drama, Devil’s Advocate’s Pick for Top 5 Melo Romance Kdramas, At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [March 2020]. 3 years in acting! Kang Mo-yeon. be strong, unni!! Daniel Spencer. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); Kang Shin-il. A … 16 Episodes. I remember Kwak Si Yang should be the one playing as Do Jin Sunbae in CWPFN and now KYJ, AHS, and KSY are the first 3 who are confirmed for HCG. Jun 3 2016. { W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); 995 posts. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") Love her in The Treacherous and Tunnel! her voice is so soft ? Kim Ji-won. An article focusing on news about various topics coming from Korea for the month of July 2020. Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki), the leader of a Special Forces unit, meets trauma surgeon Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) in a hospital emergency room after Shi Jin and his second-in-command, Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo), chase down a thief on their day off. Shi Jin is immediately smitten with Mo Yeon, and he asks … 16 Episodes. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; I read that you're now offered a role in Terius opposite So Ji Sub. I really like her in My Fellow Citizens. //]]>, //
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